Thursday, 23 April 2015

Horrible Histories Live at Norwich Theatre Royal

The Birmingham Stage Company have brought two new shows to the stage; Groovy Greeks and Incredible Invaders and last night was the first night of the Horrible Histories tour in Norwich. Molly, Charlie and I went along to watch Incredible Invaders.

It's a fast-paced, funny and raucous trip through a thousand years of ancient history involving the Romans, Saxons and Vikings including some wonderfully catchy songs, one of the elements we love most about Horrible Histories. The small cast play a number of historical figures throughout the show, including Boudicca, Alfred The Great and William The Conqueror, but shining out for us was Hannah Boyce who played Mavis. Her singing voice was sublime.

Thrown in were plenty of in-jokes for the adults and some incredible 3D Bogglevision effects. I won't spoil the surprises but there were a few that had us screaming and jumping out of our seats!

I asked Molly and Charlie what they thought and they said it was 'awesome, epic, and really funny'. We all agreed that the 3D Bogglevision was most definitely the highlight.

This is one show for all of the family to enjoy and it brings history to life in such a fun way that it grabs childrens' interest and they don't realise it's educational.

They're on stage in Norwich until Sunday 26th April before heading off to Derby. Get your tickets now as they're selling fast. Tickets can be booked by calling the Box Office on 01603 630000 or by visiting the Norwich Theatre Royal 

*We received tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinion is honest and based upon our own experiences.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My red-faced morning

Molly and Charlie have reached that age where they find Mum and Dad terribly embarrassing. Harry on the other hand seems to be out to embarrass me. Daily I'm embarrassed by how loud he is and by some of his behaviour but most of the parents think he's adorable! Today was different...

Yesterday in the playground I had a tap on the shoulder from one of the Mum's of Harry's classmates. Apparently Harry had given her son something on Friday but he'd since lost it and was worried. I could only imagine it was a toy car he'd taken in and I told her to not worry as it's Harry's fault for taking his toys in when I've told him on a number of occasions that they'l get lost. She seemed a little embarrassed and then went on to explain that J said it was an invite. Harry had handed out party invites on Friday but J was on the reserves list. I didn't have the heart to tell the lad he wasn't invited so I said I'd take in an invite for him. One more lad wouldn't make a difference…but then I started to wonder if J had received T's invite by mistake as T was late to school on Friday. Did I need to invite T again? Did J's Mum know that it was T's invite? What a pickle! I gave J his invite this morning and T's Mum was there too so I did ask if he'd had an invite and he had so it seems that Harry just decided to invite another person along. I'm hoping I don't get any more like that!

A couple of Mums in the Junior School playground called me over to tell me that Harry had thrown his cap up so high that it was stuck on the roof of a portacabin. There was nothing I could do but hope that the wind would eventually blow it down. Harry just stood there grinning, with everyone watching, so I marched him off to his school. A few minutes later we heard someone shouting our names. One of the Mums got her son up on her shoulders and he reached up for the cap. This is the same Mum I had a huge falling out with a few weeks ago so I've now got to approach her and thank her. Cheers Harry!

Harry was clearly in a playful 'let's wind Mum up' mood this morning and thought it would be funny to run up to me in the playground and shout "Mum, I need a poo!!" even though he didn't need the toilet. It's on days like this that I almost wish his speech wasn't improving.

I thought that would be it. Nope.

As his teacher came out he realised he'd got squash in his bottle (we'd left the house in a hurry and he grabbed the wrong bottle) so he announced it loudly to his teacher, then the first TA, and the second…. His teacher's face was a picture: she was not a happy bunny. At that point I wished the ground would open up and swallow me but my prayers weren't answered so I had to skulk off, heading hanging low.

I dread to think of what he'll do next!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Insect Hotel

After being wowed by the insect hotels at Sheringham Park and Holt Country Park the children asked if we could have our own bug house in our garden. I couldn't make one as impressive as the mansions in the parks but after a quick Google search I came up with an easy tutorial from Red Ted Art

We had everything we needed;
2 litre plastic bottle
Garden twine
Leaves, pine cones and twigs

It was as simple as cutting the bottle into 2 cylinders and stuffing with lots of twigs and leaves. 

The children needed a little help at the beginning as the twigs kept slipping out but as it started to fill up everything stayed in place more.

Once it was completely stuffed full we wrapped some garden twine around the bottle and hung it from an old hook. The children hope we get lots of visitors soon.

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