Tuesday, 14 October 2014

One Direction 3D Puzzle *review*

We're big fans of Ravensburger puzzles and Molly goes crazy over One Direction so I knew she'd love the One Direction 3D globe puzzle.

The puzzle is made of 72 curved plastic pieces and comes with a display stand. Each piece is numbered and has a directional arrow so it's very simple to put together. Once completed it measures approximately 19cm x 19cm.

Molly managed to make it all by herself within 20 minutes. I expected her to struggle with the last couple of pieces when the globe was almost complete but she managed to easily slot them into place.

She enjoyed seeing it come together and was really pleased with herself for making it without assistance.

There's a variety of pictures and logos covering the globe and Molly regularly turns it so that it shows a different view each day of the week.

The puzzle retails at around £10, is available from a range of stockists and as Molly says that "Every 1D fan should have one!"

Thursday, 9 October 2014

WWE Stackdown Starter Set *review*

Flair have a range of WWE construction sets for wrestling fans to build, play with, destroy and rebuild again. We were sent the Santino Marella Cobra Cage Stackdown Starter Set to review. This can be expanded on with the other sets available to make your own wrestling bonanza with names such as Sin Cara and Kofi Kingston (the only wrestlers I know of!)

The Cobra Cage is a 70 piece set and includes a 5.7cm Santino Marella figure, cobra, punch dummy and cage.

The instructions were simple enough for Charlie (7) to follow without adult assistance and he managed to put most of it together by himself. He struggled with a couple of pieces which were a bit fiddly and needed a little bit of force to click together but since then he has been able to rebuild it by himself.

Charlie really enjoys the fact that he is allowed to 'smash' it to pieces time and time again. There aren't many toys he owns where he's given licence to wreck them!

With sets starting from just £9.99 RRP these would make a great present for any WWE fan, especially with  *that* time of year coming up.

*We were not paid for this review. We were sent the set for the purposes of a review. All opinion is honest and based upon our own experience of the product.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Shimmer 'n' Sparkle Designer Nail and Body Art Studio *review*

Molly was sent the Designer Nail and Body Art Studio from the popular Character Cra-Z-Art range. 

There's a huge selection of pieces to create glittery tattoos, body art and nails. 

The workstation was really easy to put together and took around 5 minutes. 4 AAA batteries are needed for the station's colour changing glitter dome.

Molly started off with the tattoos. Small sheets of sticky shapes are provided and you add gems to them before placing the sheets in the dome to be 'glittered'. Templates are also provided for the designs but Molly went with her own ideas. The gems were really fiddly and she ended up using my precision tweezers instead of the chunky plastic ones provided. 

Once the gems are on you place the sheet into the dome, add some glitter and then switch it on and watch the glitter swirling around covering the tattoos. Adding the glitter was fun she said but I found that unless you made sure the lid was clicked in really tightly (not easy for her to do) the glitter ended up flying out of the dome through small gaps. The end effect looked great though and she was really pleased.

Next, we used the stencils to draw body art on with the supplied pens. The pink was a little too light on her tanned arm but she loved the sparkle of the silver gel pen. The pens wash off easily with soap and warm water.

Molly then wanted her nails painted. The bottles that come with the kit are quite small so I can't imagine that they would last long but she has plenty of her own varnishes to add and I'm sure most girls could raid Mum's supply! She then put her finger into the dome to add glitter but it turned out really messy. There was more glitter on her finger than on her nail unfortunately. In future I'd probably just sprinkle some glitter onto her nail straight from the glitter bottles without using the dome.

We didn't use the false nails as Molly hasn't had enough time to wear them but she has a school disco coming up soon and can't wait to customise them with varnish and gems. 

Molly really enjoyed this kit and is looking forward to getting it out when her friends are here. If it's pink and glittery I know she'll love it! It will be used again and again but I wasn't so impressed with it. The dome was a great idea but it just didn't work for me. There's a funnel provided so that you can put the excess glitter back into the vials but because it flew out there wasn't any left and it was vacuumed up!

*We were not paid for this review. All opinion is honest and based upon our own experiences.
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