Monday, 4 October 2010

Life is a rollercoaster....

Well, today at least. 

It's been a real mixed bag today. I started off happy, impressed and pleased with my middle son for his behaviour, cheerful despite the miserable weather but since then I've gone through all kinds of emotions! Embarrassment, shock, disbelief, nervousness, despair and feeling smug. I've encountered some incredibly rude people, some 'life-savers' and some wonderfully friendly people.  The weather has been as mixed as my day. Wet & grey morning turned into a beautiful Autumnal evening which then turned into a damp, misty night.

Well, I can't say life is boring at the moment!

I'm happy to say that my day is ending positively though and that pleases me so much. I lost 2lbs this week and I was a lot more co-ordinated at the workout. I also discovered that I've become more flexible as I can do some of the stretches more easily than a couple of weeks ago. It just goes to show that the 5 hours of intense Wii Fit workouts over the last few days has really payed off!

After a shockingly awful tantrum from Charlie this afternoon (in public!) I really needed to get away for a while and by going to class I feel much more energised, physically and mentally.

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