Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Super Sunday

Today has been SO different from the previous few days. My son's behaviour was horrendous for 3 days and to be honest, I really didn't expect any different today. I think that's half my problem, expecting the worst from him so before we even start the day I'm ready to react to any bad behaviour in a negative way than just accept that children aren't perfectly behaved 24/7.

My started off with a rare lie-in. You can't get much better than that for a great start to the day! Then I woke to find Molly had put a note on my pillow:


I decided yesterday that we needed to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise of some kind so my husband dropped me & the eldest two off at Jimmy's Farm while he took the baby grocery shopping.

After a full day of rain yesterday we knew it would be muddy so were suitably attired but I never thought it would be as muddy as it was. We were sliding all over the place but the children loved it. They were allowed to get as muddy as they wanted to and Charlie did just that within 2 minutes of walking through the gates!

We walked around to see the animals and Molly fell in love with the cute piglets. 

Their favourite enclosure was the Guinea Pig Village as they have guinea pigs of their own (well they did until Charlie's Iggle Piggle died a few weeks ago) They then moved onto the play area, which is always the highlight of their trip. It was really mucky but it didn't bother the children. 

After 15 minutes or so we went onto the woodland walk and then Molly wanted to see the butterfly house. She was left disappointed by the lack of butterflies (had we seen the notice on the hut at the gates we would have realised they'd been moved for the winter) but they were happy to see a frog in the pond. Easily pleased!!

After a few more minutes on the play area we walked through the car park to the lambing barn and saw a few lambs with lots of "awww, they're SO cute Mum" from the children. Back to the main area of the farm and we came across some day old chicks and more cries of, yes you've guessed it, " awww, so cute!" By this time the boys were back form the shopping and it was time to go and get some lunch.

Our visit to Jimmy's Farm was a success. No tantrums, no arguments, just a great time for all. We would have struggled to get the buggy around the farm in the mud as it was quite thick in places but we'll definitely be going back. Molly wants to see the butterflies and Charlie just wants to get muddy again!!

After lunch we headed home and I wanted to keep Charlie busy so I said that I'd be going out to deliver the rest of the local magazines. It would only take us about 20 minutes but I knew that as soon as I sat down he'd get bored and the fights would start. While we were waiting for the children to finish a snack I had a look at the Woodbridge Treasure Trail that I won in a competition recently. I'd been really keen to do it but we'd been hindered by the weather/poorly children/lack of time. It was ideal for this afternoon. We needed something to do, the sun was shining and the children love treasure hunts. 

Once we'd delivered the magazines we drove to Woodbridge and parked up by the rail station, the start of the trail. It was a 2.5 hour trail so I thought we'd only get half done before the children became tired but we managed to do all but 2 roads. We drove down those roads later. They really enjoyed the task of having to look out for something in particular and were more observant than us adults at times! I know Woodbridge fairly well but the trail took us to places we'd not walked around before and got us looking at places with more interest. The trail sheet is interspersed with interesting facts about areas on the trail and most clues were really easy to solve. We got stuck on a couple but there is a really handy text line for up to 3 answers.

All around the trail both children kept saying how much fun they were having and they're really keen to do a different trail next time. Me too!

There are Treasure Trails for many places in the UK of various lengths and you can purchase and download a trail online so you can be out within a short time of buying a trail. If you'd like the chance of winning a trail of your choice visit my blog post Competition Time before it ends on 12th March and follow the instructions.


  1. Really does sound like you had a lovely day!
    And pleased to hear your sons behaviour had really improved :-) x

  2. Thanks Lauren. It was a tiring but lovely day x


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