Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kidzsacks with The Little Green Paintbox

We were very excited to be told that our name had been pulled out of the hat to test the Kidzsack from The Little Green Paintbox.

The Little Green Paintbox is a company selling eco-friendly arts & crafts for adults and children. It's run by the lovely Laura who somehow manages to be a mother to 5 children and work as a teacher as well! My two eldest children love arts & crafts and I’m always looking for crafts that are a little bit different and ‘green’.

Kidzsacks are drawstring backpacks screen printed with a picture for you to colour in. 8 reusable non-toxic markers are included. I was really interested to see that the bags are made from 100% recycled cotton and polyester broken down from plastic bottles and made into Ecotec yarn. The straps are made from organic natural fibre.

The bag is tough wearing and perfect for my children as they love to carry bags everywhere with their toys and books in. They could also be used for school, sports kit and holidays.

My 6 year old daughter coloured the bag in and really enjoyed being able to personalise it. It looked fabulous once she had finished and she was really pleased with it.

We had the ballerina/castle design but there are other great designs;

This bag has so many possibilities to it and the fun doesn’t end once you’ve coloured it in. You can wash the bag with liquid detergent and hot water and once dry you can colour it in again and again. The markers also have a long life as they can be recharged by dipping the tip into water.

This was a big hit with my daughter and I’ll be buying one for my son to have. I’ve just got to get him to decide which one! These would also make great presents when your children have been invited to parties.

Kidzsack are priced at £12.00 and can be bought at The Little Green Paintbox as well as lots of other great eco-friendly arts & craft materials.

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