Tuesday, 8 March 2011

National Science Week with Usborne Books

It's National Science Week from March 11th-March 20th and Usborne Books asked us if we would take a look at one of their science books.

Image courtesy of Usborne

We were sent a copy of their First Encyclopedia of Science. This is suitable for children in KS1/5yr+ but my inquisitive 4 year old son has enjoyed going through the book and listening to it as much as his 6 year old sister.

The book is internet-linked which provides games and activities linked to each topic. The relevant web address is shown within each topic. There are also links to websites for related animations, games and downloadable pictures which could be used for homework.

The book starts off explaining what science is and what scientists do. There are a variety of topics covered in this book eg Our Universe, Your brain and senses,  Atoms and Molecules, Your Body, Computers and many more.

Each 'chapter' is two pages long with clear, easy-to-read text and illustrations and photos. It was clear enough for my 6 year old to read to herself. Two pages means that it's not too intense or long-winded for young children.

There are also experiments on some pages for the children to try at home. They can't wait to make a rainbow! They love experiments and anything hands-on, particularly when we visit the Inspire Discovery Centre in Norwich with it's range of practical science activities.

My two loved Energy as it was explained and illustrated using a fairground meaning it was easy for them to relate to and comprehend.

This is a book that will last for a good few years and is something we will refer back to on many occasions, particularly if they study one of the subjects at school. I'm expecting them to take their knowledge with them to the Science Festival at Jimmy's Farm on the 19th/20th March that we hope to attend.

Usborne's First Encyclopedia of Science is priced at £8.99 and is available on their website or through your local Usborne Organiser.

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