Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Although I am fascinated by supernatural stories I don't necessarily believe in ghosts.

Many years ago, when experiencing a tough time in my life, I felt a strange presence in my kitchen. I froze solid and 'felt' my late Great Grandparents walk behind me. It terrified me at first and then I became strangely calm. It was almost as though they just wanted me to know that they were looking after me. 

This evening, while picking up my daughter's discarded uniform off her bedroom floor something strange happened.

I found this small piece on the floor:

Instantly I knew that it was the missing ear from my daughter's Winnie The Pooh photo frame. The frame that has held a photo of my late grandparents since Christmas 2004. The very same ear that was broken off in 2006 and we couldn't find. My daughter's room has since been cleared out and she changed bedrooms last September. Over time I have been through everything of my daughters and hadn't come across the ear. I was rather taken aback that it should appear after all this time. 

I am again going through a stressful time in life and I feel this discovery is significant in some way. The photo of my grandparents has huge significance in itself. It was taken on Boxing Day 2004. A time that we didn't think my Grandad would see as he suffered a major stroke in July 2004 and was given less than 2 hours to live. Each day then became even more precious as he fought and fought to live another 3 years, although he was left severely disabled.

My wonderful Nanna died in October last year and obviously my daughter was old enough to understand about death and I remember her one evening not long after Nanna died telling me "I'm sad that Great Nanna has died but every time I look at the photo of her & Great Grandad I will remember them" How touching. Often when I'm in her room I find myself just staring at the photo.

First job tomorrow-get the superglue out!

I like to think that it was a sign from them. My Nanna would be offering her words of wisdom on the situation and Grandad, well Grandad never really knew my 4 year old son but I just know he would have loved my son's character and mannerisms and would have given me a huge hug to make it all better.

So, was it a sign of my 'guardian angels' looking out for me in times of need or just coincidental that something to remind me of my beloved grandparents appeared in times of need? Whatever it was, it brings me comfort.

What is your opinion on guardian angels? Do you have one?


  1. What a great story. You have to believe it means something xx

  2. I think thats really special and yes I do believe that these things are significant. Im glad you found the ear :) xx

  3. ooohhh...strange things happen all the time to me. It's weird and spooky but oddly comforting. As a child I was always seeing and saying things, but was told it may have been my over active imagination....xx


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