Friday, 16 September 2011

Review: Acting The Party

Children's parties are often stressful and costly and take a lot of organising but not with Acting The Party.

We decided that Girl was going to have a smaller than usual party this year and we would be holding it at home. Even in June you cannot guarantee great weather so we wanted something that could be done indoors just in case it was wet...and it was!!

Acting The Party is an interactive, narrated cd which involves the children becoming a character in a story and then following instructions and performing. There are also familiar party games throughout the cd. It's suitable for 8 girls ages 6-9 and our group were 6 & 7 years old, with Middle (4) joining in.

The story was Leela's Adventure and Girl, being the birthday girl, was Leela and then the characters were chosen by having the winner of each game as the next character in the story. 

Although little adult involvement is needed I was there to make up the number of characters as we only had 7 children on the day. I found that we needed to have the volume up rather loud because 7 over-excited children weren't paying full attention and I had to 'lead' the activities and actions at times but I think that was just down to them being hyper! Sadly I was unable to take photos or video to do the set any real justice as I was busy joining in, and having quite a lot of fun actually!

When I asked them afterwards what they thought of Acting The Party they all agreed that they loved the games. The treasure hunt was a firm favourite, especially as I put named treats by each of the clue so they had an extra incentive to hunt for the clues. 

I thought the way of choosing a character was very fair and the games throughout meant that no-one was sitting around for long but the girls did say that those chosen later in the story would have preferred to have been able to join in a bit sooner.

I really liked Acting The Party. It's well-presented in a handy keepsake tin. The cd has an entertaining narrator and great sound effects (Leela farting was bound to get the girls giggling!) This is a fantastic kit if you want to hold a party at home. Invites are included and all you need to supply is a few prizes for the games, treats for the treasure hunt if you wish, party bags and food. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and it's fantastic value for keeping the children entertained with minimal fuss and effort. It has to be the most relaxing party I have ever hosted!

Take a look at the website to see more information and have a look at the other party kit on offer.

*We were not paid for this review. Leela's Adventure was supplied for us to review. All views are our own and not influenced in any way.

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