Thursday, 8 September 2011

Review: Funky Giraffe bandana bibs

Tidgy is currently going for a rather soggy phase. If it was an Olympic sport
 he would successfully dribble and win gold for Team GB!

Our usual bibs are useless. They sit too low under his chin and don't catch any of his dribble and he therefore gets a rash on his chin and neck, which bothers him. They're also rubbish at catching food. We're forever fishing crumbs out of his top. 

I was delighted to be offered some Funky Giraffe bandana bibs to review. We were sent 3 with white spots, red with blue stars and plain brown. They were sent, beautifully packaged, with some liquid soap and a bar of soap (more on those items later)

I've never had bandana bibs for any of my children and after trying Tidgy out with them I wonder why not.

They soak up dribble well, they're soft, wash well and look very trendy. They're even good for feeding and snack time. Hubby thinks he looks really cool in them  and he's not easily impressed.

There are 2 poppers at the back allowing a comfortable fit and they're made from 100% natural cotton on the front with a fleece backing, which is why they're so soft and comfortable looking.

As you can see in the photo on the right, Tidgy had dribbled a lot. I was expecting his t-shirt to be soaked but when I removed the bib his t-shirt was completely dry. One less change of clothes that day! 

Funky Giraffe have dozens of different designs and I'll definitely buy more for Tidgy, especially as they're such great value for money. I'll be chucking out all the old style bibs that just haven't worked for him.We're particularly like the skull & crossbones ones and the camofluage one as chosen by my army mad son.

Snack time

It's thirsty work being a toddler :)

Being cheeky!

We also had some lovely luxury handwash in the parcel. It's an anti-bacterial handwash from Bubble & Balm and unlike a lot of other anti-bacterial products it doesn't have a harsh smell. It lathered up well and left my hands feeling really soft. It's 'formulated with plant and essential oils and is free from SLS, SLES and parabens' which doesn't mean a great deal to me but it's natural rather than full of chemicals! It's also effective against MRSA, E coli and other unpleasant nasties.

Both products have Fairtrade sugar in. Bubble & Balm was the first "100% Fairtrade" bodycare company in the UK (all products carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark)

*We were not paid for this review. The mentioned products were supplied to us for review


  1. Where can you buy the Bubble & Balm stuff?

  2. Yes, it would have helped if I'd added a link for them! My apologies.

    You can buy Bubble & Balm products at


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