Saturday, 3 September 2011

Summertime Blues....

So here we are at the last weekend before school is back after summer. At the start of the summer holiday I was full of positivity. It was to be our last summer before Middle starts full time school. I couldn't understand those that hated the break and moaned that 6 weeks is too long. I feel like a fraud now as I'm swaying towards agreeing with them! 

It has been tough over the last few weeks and as I sit here after another rough day I'm wondering why. Are they over-tired? Are they sick of me? Are they missing school? Are they bored? My initial thought was that actually, compared to previous summers it has been rather quiet this year. The weather has been iffy, preventing us from doing a few things and we haven't done as much as we used to....or have we? 

Looking back at photos taken this summer I realise that we've been....
on safari at Ipswich Museum
horse riding
camping out in the garden
scaring Mum
exploring castles
tackling (komodo) dragons

climbing trees
getting messy
riding trick bicycles
baking with Crafty Cooks
practising diablo
showing off
fishing with Pyjama Drama
getting faces painted
getting soaked at Pleasurewood Hills
giggling at Peterkin
dressing up
enjoying the beach

and much, much more that I didn't photograph. If it's boredom that's bothering my children then I'm clearly doing it all wrong!


  1. Looks like you've done plenty!! Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

    I'm one of those mums who thinks 6-7 weeks is too long. 4 weeks is ample as children need a routine to thrive. I speak mainly from my own daughter's point of view of course, who is autistic, but I think all children need that continuity.

    CJ xx

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  3. They all look so happy in the photographs you have done an amazing amount with your children you should be very pleased with yourself. Its hard to remember the good times when you feel as if your constantly telling them to stop fighting and your patience is wearing thin. When the teacher asks them what they did in the summer holidays they certainly won't remember mummy getting cross and telling them off it will be of all the exciting things they did. Keep smiling your a fab mum. xx

  4. What a boring summer! :p
    It looks like a cracking time was had by all most of the time, but we all have days when we pray for school, and quiet, and more quiet, and to be let off the kiddie leash for a little while.


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