Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ten On Tuesday No15

This week it's the turn of the gorgeous Shelley.

1-Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Shelley Brinkley and I run Mama2mama Ltd. We offer antenatal and baby classes throughout the Ipswich area. Although it takes up a lot of my time it’s not my most important job! I am also mama to my beautiful, soon to be, 4 year old daughter, my cheeky 16 month old son and my baby girl due in about 3 weeks!

2-How did you get started?
I am going to answer this question about mama2mama not becoming a mama, we all know how that happens ;-) I started when I met Julie Long, founder of Lazy Daisy Ltd. I attended both her pregnancy yoga class and her Hypnobirthing workshops when I was pregnant with my daughter. She helped me and my hubby to have the most amazing birth experience, I truly don’t think it would have been that way if we hadn’t met her. Julie then developed her own methods, Daisy Birthing™ and Daisy Baby™ and I was in awe. Looking for work that would fit round my family I started training with her and became one of her first employees. As the company grew and became nationwide, the Ipswich classes became a franchise of their own and I decided to take this on. Over the past year I have worked very hard launching Mama2mama, allowing me to offer more classes and support local families in the way Julie supported me.

3-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am a self confessed control freak so without a doubt a have a 5 year plan. In a business sense, I have lots of new projects launching for mama2mama. In 5 years I hope to be offering both Lazy Daisy and Daddynatal classes alongside our own classes, workshops and support groups. All of this running out of our own premises. On a personal note we hope to be buying our first house as we currently rent. We also plan to take the kids to Disney world, Florida Shhh! Better start saving.

4- What is your guilty pleasure?
I hate questions like this. Ok so this may gross you all out a bit but it has to be picking spots on my husband’s back! When he’ll let me that is, he’s an absolute wuss and hates me doing it. I don’t know why I love it but I do, I find it very satisfying!

5- If you won 1 million what would you do?
Firstly I would buy a family home, I really want to be able to provide my children with a stable home (we moved three times in my daughter short 4 years) I do the obvious rid myself of any financial burdens’ or commitments- BORING! Ok so the fun stuff, definitely buy season tickets to White Hart Lane (Tottenham) for the whole family. Maybe we’d invest in a race horse! Hubby is a massive racing fan and we do enjoy a little punt every now and again. I definitely couldn’t see myself giving up work. I think I would put a lot of money into the company allowing my hubby to work for me full time so he can quit his job! We are both so passionate about Mama2mama its part of our family now.

6- Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter! Without a doubt! Twitter allows me to air my views and opinions and say what’s on my mind without 37 so called ‘friends’ asking me what’s wrong or who it’s about! I can follow people who interest me and share the same sense of humour or values without the fear of offending people I know in the real world. Twitter is not about who’s friends with who and that’s what I love about it!

7- Do you have a favourite holiday destination?
Well considering I’ve been to Kardemena on the island of Kos (Greece) 6 times, I would probably say yes! However saying that I haven’t been there since my children were born. It started out on my first visit as a quiet little fishing town, with a few bars and friendly locals. By my sixth visit there were nightclubs, hen parties and a McDonald’s!! So I can only imagine what it’s like now, probably no longer the resort for me. Nowadays we tend to head to a Centerparks for our holidays, Sherwood being my favourite location. A lot easier and less stressful than travelling abroad with young children.

8- What was the first record you owned?
Now that’s a tough one! I honestly couldn’t tell you, I’m pretty sure I remember a ‘Now’ album and I probably had some Kylie! I am actually very into my music, it’s a big part of my life. As a child I loved all my parents’ records and listened a lot to the radio so buying music wasn’t really a priority for me. My mum had a radio in the kitchen which was turned on when we got up in the morning and didn’t get switched off until she went to bed! This I believe is what fuelled my love of all music and turned me into a human song lyric dictionary!

9- What is your favourite film?
Easy! Mannequin! And it always will be. I simply love it, I’m an old romantic at heart and adore a love story. I really enjoy the mix of love and humour in this film and it still makes me cry at the end. In fact I can’t really listen to the song ‘nothings gonna stop us now’ without shedding a (happy) tear!

10- Which 4 people, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner?
Firstly Charles Darwin. I love intellectual debate and fell in love with both his theory and books as a teenager. I would love to discus my own theory of ‘de-evolution within the human race’ with him. I won’t go into it but if you’re interested am always happy to discuss over coffee or red wine!
Next is Sean Bean. Simply to look at! And if he could come dressed as Sharpe and somehow rescue me from someone/something even the better!
I love to laugh so would have to invite someone to help with this. When I look back at my childhood one name springs to mind, Tommy Cooper. I was always told I possessed an adult sense of humour as a very young child as would spend hours watching him and laughing out loud, t would appear I understood the humour!
Lastly but by no means least is my grandma, Iris Clarkson. Although I would invite her as her 30 year old self. My Grandma is still with us bless her, but it is very much only in body. She is my idol, I love her so much. Never have I known a woman with so much strength and faith but with the compassion, open-mindedness and impartiality to welcome anyone into her arms, a true Christian. Never in my life has my grandma ever judged me or acted shocked by anything I have ever done. She is an intelligent woman who had a place in her heart for everyone no matter race, ability or wealth. I would have loved to have been her friend.

Great answers Shelley and I loved reading them. Thanks for taking part. I haven't seen Mannequin for years but I remember that it was one of my sister's favourite films. You were very honest in admitting your guilty pleasure. Well done!! Your Grandma sounds like an incredible woman.

You can follow Shelley on twitter as @Mama_Brinkley and @Mama2MamaLtd

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  1. A great list, I hope all your 5 year plan works out, would be so fab!


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