Monday, 15 August 2016

Pigs Gone Wild 2016

As regular readers will know our family love trails of any kind; sculpture trails, art trails, treasure hunts, mystery trails and so on, so when we heard that Ipswich was going to have it's own Wild In Art trail this summer with Pigs Gone Wild we knew we'd have to spend a day tracking some of them down during our week in Suffolk.

These trails get us outdoors, often seeing places we've never explored before, having fun together and notching up a fair amount of steps on my pedometer and best of all they are free!!

The amount of talent and amazing decoration never fails to amaze us. There are also some very cleverly named pigs. We managed to find over 20 pigs (most of which I remembered to photograph!) in the few hours we were on the trail. Sadly a couple of them were missing as they had been vandalised. It was such a shame to see a number of children climbing all over the pigs, despite there being very clear notices, and their parents were not bothered in the slightest. It's saddening when so much hard work goes into these events and the ultimate aim is to raise a huge amount of money for charity after the public has enjoyed the trail over the summer.

Bradley Piggins

Boarba Fett

A Pig's Got To Travel

Spider Pig


Great Piggish Bake Off

Steam Punk Pig



Elvis Porksley

Piggy The Sailor

Ipswich Blue

Pig N Mix

Ed Sheerham

To Bee A Pig

Pepper Pig

The Trotters Pig

Dr Trott and Nurse Honey-Cured replacing Major Wigglesworth 

The Swinions

Tally-Ho Trotters

Piggy Stardust (junior)

Major Tim Pig

Pigs Can Fly


Piggy Stardust

Pretty Penny

Pigs Gone Wild is on until 2nd September and there are 39 large pigs to be found in and around Ipswich and 30 smaller ones decorated by schools. Trail leaflets can be found in various outlets throughout Ipswich or an app can be downloaded to iOS or Android phones.

Do let me know if you find them all!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. They are each such masterpieces. Difficult to choose a favourite. We love trails like this one too. A shame about the vandalism. #CountryKids

  2. Oh wow! These are fantastic. I didn't even know they existed. I love their names. Some made me chuckle. Bradley Piggins & Ed Sheerham. lol It is such a shame about the vandalism.

  3. My kids would love to go looking for statues like this! What a fun activity. I think Ipswitch Blue is my favorite! #CountryKids

  4. OMG they are all so cute! I love Ed Sheerham haha! #countrykids

  5. I love these trails and pigs is a great theme. I really enjoyed seeing posts on the sheep ones and post box ones. This is the first time I've seen pigs! They look like so much work has gone into them and I can imagine it would make a fun challenge to find them around the city. Such a shame to hear they are not being well respected though, hopefully you saw the few and not the majority.

    Thank you for sharing a great trail with me on #CountryKids

  6. Love these trails. I still have a replica ceramic pig from the Somerset trail several years ago. I love pepper pig. #countrykids

  7. Oh we love these trails - what a shame that some people have no respect for them. Haha particularly loving Spider Pig - made me think of the Simpsons.

  8. Brilliant, sounds like a fun way to spend a day, searching for all of the different style pigs. I found the Pepper Pig one quite amusing and the Ipswich Blue pig is beautiful #countrykids

  9. How fun! It certainly looks like a lot of hard work went into decorating those pigs. They look amazing. I think Ed Sheerham and Frankenswine are my favorites #countrykids

  10. Those are fabulous! We had herdwick sheep to find this year

  11. Love the pigs, so different! I think the Boarba Fett one is my favourite. #CountryKids


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